Chapter 50B.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 50B.04.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.020DutiesHealth care authority, department of social and health services, office of the state actuary, employment security department.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.030Long-term services and supports trust commissionInvestment strategy subcommittee.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.040Long-term services and supports councilBenefit unit adjustment.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.050Qualified individuals.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.055ExemptionsVoluntary exemptionsCriteria, rules, and proceduresDiscontinuingNotification.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.060Eligible beneficiariesDeterminationServices and benefits.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.070Payment of benefits.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.080Premium assessmentRateCollection.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.085Premium assessmentExemptions.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.088Premium assessmentRefunds for premiums collected prior to July 1, 2023.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.090Election of coverageSelf-employed persons.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.095Election of coverageFederally recognized tribe.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.100Long-term services and supports trust account.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.110Long-term services and supports trust accountInvestmentPolicies.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.120Appeal of determinations.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.130Medicare data and waiverReport.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.140Reports to legislature.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.150Benefits not income or resource.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.160Entitlement not created.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.170Confidentiality of information and records.
HTMLPDF 50B.04.900Findings2019 c 363.