Chapter 50A.25 RCW



HTMLPDF 50A.25.010Private and confidential information.
HTMLPDF 50A.25.020Information concerning an individual or employer obtained pursuant to the administration of chapter 50A.25 RCW is private and confidential.
HTMLPDF 50A.25.030CommissionerRule-making authority.
HTMLPDF 50A.25.040Access to records and informationIndividualsEmployersThird parties.
HTMLPDF 50A.25.050Access to information or records for use in a proceeding before the appeal tribunal or commissioner.
HTMLPDF 50A.25.060Private and confidential informationWhen available to parties to judicial or formal administrative proceedings.
HTMLPDF 50A.25.070Data-sharing contractsWhen authorizedDisclosure to state or local government agencies.
HTMLPDF 50A.25.080Access to informationLegislature.
HTMLPDF 50A.25.090Disclosure to the federal internal revenue service.
HTMLPDF 50A.25.100Application to RCW 42.56.070.
HTMLPDF 50A.25.110Disclosure by the family and medical leave program of the departmentWhen authorized.
HTMLPDF 50A.25.120Obligation to prevent disclosure of informationMisuse or unauthorized disclosure.
HTMLPDF 50A.25.130Disclosure of records acquired in the performance of the department's obligationWhen authorized.
HTMLPDF 50A.25.140Disclosure when all details identifying an individual or employee are deletedWhen authorized.