Chapter 50.20 RCW



50.20.010Benefit eligibility conditions.
50.20.011Profiling system to identify individuals likely to exhaust benefitsConfidentiality of informationPenalty.
50.20.012Rules1995 c 381.
50.20.020Waiting period credit limitation.
50.20.041Health care professionals who have contracted hepatitis CTraining.
50.20.042Unemployed aerospace workersTraining.
50.20.043Training provision.
50.20.044Ineligibility for benefits for failure to attend job search workshop or training course.
50.20.050Disqualification for leaving work voluntarily without good cause (as amended by 2021 c 215).
50.20.050Disqualification for leaving work voluntarily without good cause (as amended by 2021 c 251).
50.20.060Disqualification from benefits due to misconduct.
50.20.065Cancellation of hourly wage credits due to felony or gross misdemeanor.
50.20.066Disqualification from benefits due to misconductCancellation of hourly wage credits due to gross misconduct.
50.20.070Disqualification for misrepresentationPenalties.
50.20.080Disqualification for refusal to work.
50.20.085Disqualification for receipt of industrial insurance disability benefits.
50.20.090Strike or lockout disqualificationWhen inapplicable.
50.20.095Disqualification for attending school or institution of higher education.
50.20.098Services performed by alien.
50.20.099Training benefitsEligibility to work in the United States.
50.20.100Suitable work factors.
50.20.110Suitable work exceptions.
50.20.113Unemployment of sport or athletic event participant during period between sport seasons.
50.20.115Unemployment due to vacation.
50.20.117Jury service.
50.20.118Unemployment while in approved training.
50.20.119Part-time workers.
50.20.120Amount of benefits.
50.20.130Deduction from weekly benefit amount.
50.20.140Filing applications and claimsDefinitions.
50.20.150Notice of application or claim.
50.20.170Payment of benefits.
50.20.180Denial of benefits.
50.20.190Recovery of benefit payments.
50.20.191Authority to compromise benefit overpayments.
50.20.192Collection of benefit overpayments, limitation of actions.
50.20.193Chargeoff of uncollectible benefit overpayments.
50.20.195Assessed interestUse.
50.20.200Nonliability of state.
50.20.210Notification of availability of basic health plan.
50.20.220Federal income tax deduction and withholdingNoticeRules.
50.20.230Electronic labor exchange system.
50.20.240Job search monitoring.
50.20.250Self-employment assistance programFindingDepartment provides information to eligible individualsRules.


Environmental restoration job training: RCW 43.21J.060 and 43.21J.070.