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Asbestos projectsWorker's and supervisor's certificates.

(1) No employee or other individual is eligible to do work governed by this chapter unless issued a certificate by the department.
(2) To qualify for a certificate:
(a) Certified asbestos workers must have successfully completed a four-day training course. Certified asbestos supervisors must have completed a five-day training course. Training courses shall be provided or approved by the department; shall cover such topics as the health and safety aspects of the removal and encapsulation of asbestos, including but not limited to the federal and state standards regarding protective clothing, respirator use, disposal, air monitoring, cleaning, and decontamination; and shall meet such additional qualifications as may be established by the department by rule for the type of certification sought. The department may require the successful completion of annual refresher courses provided or approved by the department for continued certification as an asbestos worker or supervisor. However, the authority of the director to adopt rules implementing this section is limited to rules that are specifically required, and only to the extent specifically required, for the standards to be as stringent as the applicable federal laws governing work subject to this chapter; and
(b) All applicants for certification as asbestos workers or supervisors must pass an examination in the type of certification sought which shall be provided or approved by the department.
These requirements are intended to represent the minimum requirements for certification and shall not preclude contractors or employers from providing additional education or training.
(3) The department shall provide for the reciprocal certification of any individual trained to engage in asbestos projects in another state when the prior training is shown to be substantially similar to the training required by the department. Nothing shall prevent the department from requiring such individuals to take an examination or refresher course before certification.
(4) The department may deny, suspend, or revoke a certificate, as provided under RCW 49.26.140, for failure of the holder to comply with any requirement of this chapter or chapter 49.17 RCW, or any rule adopted under those chapters, or applicable health and safety standards and regulations. In addition to any penalty imposed under RCW 49.26.016, the department may suspend or revoke any certificate issued under this chapter for a period of not less than six months upon the following grounds:
(a) The certificate was obtained through error or fraud; or
(b) The holder thereof is judged to be incompetent to carry out the work for which the certificate was issued.
Before any certificate may be denied, suspended, or revoked, the holder thereof shall be given written notice of the department's intention to do so, mailed using a method by which the mailing can be tracked or the delivery can be confirmed to the holder's last known address. The notice shall enumerate the allegations against such holder, and shall give him or her the opportunity to request a hearing before the department. At such hearing, the department and the holder shall have opportunity to produce witnesses and give testimony.
(5) A denial, suspension, or revocation order may be appealed to the board of industrial insurance appeals within fifteen working days after the denial, suspension, or revocation order is entered. The notice of appeal may be filed with the department or the board of industrial insurance appeals. The board of industrial insurance appeals shall hold the hearing in accordance with procedures established in RCW 49.17.140. Any party aggrieved by an order of the board of industrial insurance appeals may obtain superior court review in the manner provided in RCW 49.17.150.
(6) Each person certified under this chapter shall display, upon the request of an authorized representative of the department, valid identification issued by the department.


PurposeSeverability1989 c 154: See notes following RCW 49.26.013.
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