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Management and operation of programsRules adopted by state risk manager.

The state risk manager shall adopt rules governing the management and operation of joint self-insurance programs for affordable housing entities that cover property or liability risks. All rules must be appropriate for the type of program and class of risk covered. The state risk manager's rules must include:
(1) Standards for the management, operation, and solvency of joint self-insurance programs, including the necessity and frequency of actuarial analyses and claims audits;
(2) Standards for claims management procedures;
(3) Standards for contracts between joint self-insurance programs and private businesses, including standards for contracts between third-party administrators and programs; and
(4) Standards that preclude housing authorities or other public entities participating in the joint self-insurance program from subsidizing, regardless of the form of subsidy, affordable housing entities that are not housing authorities or public entities. These standards do not apply to the consideration attributable to the ownership interest of a housing authority or public entity in a separate legal or administrative entity organized with respect to the program.
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