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As used in this chapter, the terms defined in this section shall have the meanings indicated unless the context indicates otherwise.
(1) "Carrier" means a health maintenance organization, an insurer, a health care services contractor, or other entity responsible for the payment of benefits or provision of services under a group or individual agreement.
(2) "Census date" means the date upon which a health maintenance organization offering coverage to a small employer must base rate calculations. For a small employer applying for a health benefit plan through a health maintenance organization other than its current health maintenance organization, the census date is the date that final group composition is received by the health maintenance organization. For a small employer that is renewing its health benefit plan through its existing health maintenance organization, the census date is ninety days prior to the effective date of the renewal.
(3) "Commissioner" means the insurance commissioner.
(4) "Comprehensive health care services" means basic consultative, diagnostic, and therapeutic services rendered by licensed health professionals together with emergency and preventive care, inpatient hospital, outpatient and physician care, at a minimum, and any additional health care services offered by the health maintenance organization.
(5) "Consumer" means any member, subscriber, enrollee, beneficiary, or other person entitled to health care services under terms of a health maintenance agreement, but not including health professionals, employees of health maintenance organizations, partners, or shareholders of stock corporations licensed as health maintenance organizations.
(6) "Copayment" means an amount specified in a subscriber agreement which is an obligation of an enrolled participant for a specific service which is not fully prepaid.
(7) "Deductible" means the amount an enrolled participant is responsible to pay out-of-pocket before the health maintenance organization begins to pay the costs associated with treatment.
(8) "Department" means the state department of social and health services.
(9) "Enrolled participant" means a person who or group of persons which has entered into a contractual arrangement or on whose behalf a contractual arrangement has been entered into with a health maintenance organization to receive health care services.
(10) "Fully subordinated debt" means those debts that meet the requirements of RCW 48.46.235(3) and are recorded as equity.
(11) "Group practice" means a partnership, association, corporation, or other group of health professionals:
(a) The members of which may be individual health professionals, clinics, or both individuals and clinics who engage in the coordinated practice of their profession; and
(b) The members of which are compensated by a prearranged salary, or by capitation payment or drawing account that is based on the number of enrolled participants.
(12) "Health maintenance agreement" means an agreement for services between a health maintenance organization which is registered pursuant to the provisions of this chapter and enrolled participants of such organization which provides enrolled participants with comprehensive health services rendered to enrolled participants by health professionals, groups, facilities, and other personnel associated with the health maintenance organization.
(13) "Health maintenance organization" means any organization receiving a certificate of registration by the commissioner under this chapter which provides comprehensive health care services to enrolled participants of such organization on a group practice per capita prepayment basis or on a prepaid individual practice plan, except for an enrolled participant's responsibility for copayments and/or deductibles, either directly or through contractual or other arrangements with other institutions, entities, or persons, and which qualifies as a health maintenance organization pursuant to RCW 48.46.030 and 48.46.040.
(14) "Health professionals" means health care practitioners who are regulated by the state of Washington.
(15) "Individual practice health care plan" means an association of health professionals in private practice who associate for the purpose of providing prepaid comprehensive health care services on a fee-for-service or capitation basis.
(16) "Insolvent" or "insolvency" means that the organization has been declared insolvent and is placed under an order of liquidation by a court of competent jurisdiction.
(17) "Meaningful appeal procedure" and "meaningful adverse determination review procedure" means a procedure for investigation of consumer appeals and adverse review determinations in a timely manner aimed at mutual agreement for settlement according to procedures approved by the commissioner, and which may include arbitration procedures.
(18) "Meaningful role in policy making" means a procedure approved by the commissioner which provides consumers or elected representatives of consumers a means of submitting the views and recommendations of such consumers to the governing board of such organization coupled with reasonable assurance that the board will give regard to such views and recommendations.
(19) "Net worth" means the excess of total admitted assets as defined in RCW 48.12.010 over total liabilities but the liabilities shall not include fully subordinated debt.
(20) "Participating provider" means a provider as defined in subsection (21) of this section who contracts with the health maintenance organization or with its contractor or subcontractor and has agreed to provide health care services to enrolled participants with an expectation of receiving payment, other than copayment or deductible, directly or indirectly, from the health maintenance organization.
(21) "Provider" means any health professional, hospital, or other institution, organization, or person that furnishes any health care services and is licensed or otherwise authorized to furnish such services.
(22) "Replacement coverage" means the benefits provided by a succeeding carrier.
(23) "Uncovered expenditures" means the costs to the health maintenance organization of health care services that are the obligation of the health maintenance organization for which an enrolled participant would also be liable in the event of the health maintenance organization's insolvency and for which no alternative arrangements have been made as provided herein. The term does not include expenditures for covered services when a provider has agreed not to bill the enrolled participant even though the provider is not paid by the health maintenance organization, or for services that are guaranteed, insured, or assumed by a person or organization other than the health maintenance organization.


Application2010 c 292: See note following RCW 48.43.005.
Effective date1982 c 151: "This act shall take effect on January 1, 1983." [ 1982 c 151 § 5.]
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