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Deposit requiredAmount.

(1) An alien insurer may use this state as a state of entry to transact insurance in the United States by maintaining in this state a deposit of assets in a solvent trust company or other solvent financial institution having trust powers domiciled in this state and so designated by the commissioner. The commissioner's designated depositories are authorized to receive and hold a deposit of assets. A deposit so held is at the expense of the insurer. A solvent financial institution domiciled in this state, the deposits of which are insured by the federal deposit insurance corporation and which is a member of the federal reserve system, may be designated as the commissioner's depository to receive and hold a deposit of assets.
(2) The deposit, together with other trust deposits of the insurer held in the United States for the same purpose, must be in an amount not less than the higher of deposits required of an alien insurer under RCW 48.05.090 or five hundred thousand dollars and consist of eligible assets as set forth in RCW 48.16.030.
(3) The deposit may be referred to as "trusteed assets."
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