Chapter 48.31 RCW



48.31.010Merger or consolidation.
48.31.020DefinitionsInsurer, exceeded its powers, consent.
48.31.021InsurerSelf-funded multiple employer welfare arrangement.
48.31.025Confidentiality of documents, materials, or other informationCommissioner's capacity as a receiver.
48.31.045Rehabilitation order against insurerInsurer is party to action or proceedingStay the actionStatute of limitations or defense of laches.
48.31.070LiquidationAlien insurers.
48.31.080Conservation of assetsForeign insurers.
48.31.090Conservation of assetsAlien insurers.
48.31.100Foreign or alien insurersConservation, ancillary proceedings.
48.31.105Conduct of proceedingsRequirement to cooperateDefinitionsViolationsPenalties.
48.31.111Commencement of delinquency proceeding by commissionerJurisdiction of courts.
48.31.115Immunity from suit and liabilityPersons entitled to protection.
48.31.121Court order for a formal delinquency proceedingCommissioner may petitionInsurer may petition for hearing and review.
48.31.125Order of liquidationTermination of coverage.
48.31.131Appointment of liquidatorActions at law or equityStatute of limitations or defense of laches.
48.31.135Recovery from reinsurersNot reduced by delinquency proceedingsDirect payment to insured.
48.31.141Responsibility for payment of a premiumEarned or unearned premiumViolationsPenaltiesRights of party aggrieved.
48.31.145Liquidator denies claimWritten noticeObjections of claimantCourt hearing.
48.31.151Creditor's claim against insurer is secured by other personSubrogated rightsAgreements concerning distributions.
48.31.155Unclaimed fundsLiquidator's application for dischargeDeposits with the department of revenue.
48.31.161After termination of liquidation proceedingGood cause to reopen proceedings.
48.31.165Domiciliary receiver not appointedCourt order to liquidateNoticeDomiciliary receiver appointed in other state.
48.31.171Domiciliary liquidatorReciprocal stateNonreciprocal stateCommissioner's duties.
48.31.175Foreign or alien insurerProperty located in this stateCommissioner's discretion.
48.31.181Liquidation proceedingsOne or more reciprocal statesDistributionsSpecial deposit claimsSecured claims.
48.31.184Ancillary receiver in another state or foreign countryFailure to transfer assets.
48.31.185Receiver's proposal to disperse assets upon liquidationApplication for approvalContents of proposalNotice of application.
48.31.190Commencement of proceedingVenueEffect of appellate review.
48.31.210Change of venue.
48.31.220Deposit of moneys collected.
48.31.230Exemption from filing fees.
48.31.240Borrowing on pledge of assets.
48.31.260LiquidationDate rights, liabilities fixed.
48.31.270Voidable transfers.
48.31.280Priority and order of distribution of claims.
48.31.300Allowance of contingent and other claims.
48.31.310Time to file claims.
48.31.320Report for assessment.
48.31.330Levy of assessment.
48.31.340Order for payment of assessment.
48.31.350Publication, transmittal of assessment order.
48.31.360Judgment upon the assessment.
48.31.400Administrative supervisionConditionsNotice and hearing.
48.31.405Administrative supervisionConfidentiality.
48.31.410Administrative supervisionStandards and proceduresLimitations on insurer.
48.31.415Administrative supervisionInsurer may contest.
48.31.420Administrative supervisionNo limitation on judicial proceedings.
48.31.425Administrative supervisionCommissioner contacts.
48.31.430Administrative supervisionChapters 48.04 and 34.05 RCW.
48.31.435Administrative supervisionRules.


Dissolution of business corporation: Chapter 23B.14 RCW.
Uniform insurers liquidation act: Chapter 48.99 RCW.