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Market assistance plans.

The commissioner shall by regulation require insurers authorized to write casualty insurance in this state to form a market assistance plan to assist persons and other entities unable to purchase casualty insurance in an adequate amount from either the admitted market or nonadmitted market.
For the purpose of this section, a market assistance plan means a voluntary mechanism by insurers writing casualty insurance in this state in either the admitted or nonadmitted market to provide casualty insurance for a class of insurance designated in writing to the plan by the commissioner.
The bylaws and method of operation of any market assistance plan shall be approved by the commissioner prior to its operation.
A market assistance plan shall have a minimum of twenty-five insurers willing to insure risks within the class designated by the commissioner. If twenty-five insurers do not voluntarily agree to participate, the commissioner may require casualty insurers to participate in a market assistance plan as a condition of continuing to do business in this state. The commissioner shall make such a requirement to fulfill the quota of at least twenty-five insurers. The commissioner shall make his or her designation on the basis of the insurer's premium volume of casualty insurance in this state.


PreambleReport to legislatureApplicabilitySeverability1986 c 305: See notes following RCW 4.16.160.
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