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Marketing productsDirectly to consumersBy contract with marketers.

(1) A discount plan organization may market its products directly to consumers or contract with marketers for the distribution of its discount plans.
(2)(a) The discount plan organization shall have an executed written agreement with a marketer prior to the marketer's marketing, promoting, selling, or distributing the discount plan organization's discount plans.
(b) The agreement between the discount plan organization and the marketer must prohibit the marketer from using advertising, marketing materials, brochures, and discount plan cards without first having the discount plan organization's approval in writing.
(c) The discount plan organization is bound by and responsible for the activities of a marketer that are within the scope of the marketer's agency relationship with the organization.
(3) A discount plan organization shall approve in writing all advertisements, marketing materials, brochures, and discount cards used by marketers to market, promote, sell, or distribute the discount plan prior to their use.
(4) Upon request, a discount plan organization shall submit to the commissioner all advertising, marketing materials, and brochures used or to be used in connection with the organization's discount plans.
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