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Investigations by commissionerOrganization must maintain detailed books and records.

(1) The commissioner may conduct investigations to determine whether any person has violated any provision of this chapter and may, if the commissioner has a reason to believe that the discount plan organization is not complying with the requirements of this chapter, examine the business and affairs of any discount plan organization.
(2) An examination conducted under subsection (1) of this section must be performed in accordance with chapter 48.03 RCW, except that RCW 48.03.060 (1) and (2) shall not be applicable to the examination of persons registered under this chapter.
(3) The commissioner may:
(a) Order any discount plan organization or applicant that operates a discount plan organization to produce any records, books, files, advertising, and solicitation materials or other information; and
(b) Gather evidence and take statements under oath to determine whether the discount plan organization or applicant is in violation of the law or is acting contrary to the public interest.
(4) The discount plan organization or applicant that is the subject of the examination or investigation shall pay the expenses incurred in conducting the examination or investigation. Failure by the discount plan organization or applicant to pay the expenses is grounds for denial or revocation of a license to operate as a discount plan organization.
(5) All discount plan organizations or applicants that are subject to examinations, investigations, or annual reporting requirements under this chapter shall maintain detailed books and records of the following:
(a) Records documenting all Washington transactions, showing all funds received and all funds disbursed to Washington members, prospective members, providers, and provider networks;
(b) All contracts or agreements with providers of the services under a discount plan offered in Washington or sold to Washington residents; and
(c) Telephone scripts for marketing activities to which this chapter applies.
The discount plan organization shall maintain the books and records described in this section, in addition to the books and records required to be maintained under RCW 48.155.070, for a period of at least two years.
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