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(1) The purpose of chapter 188, Laws of 2011 is to protect and to further the interests of insureds, creditors, and the general public by providing, with minimum interference with management initiative and judgment, prudent standards for the development and administration of insurer investment programs.
(2) Chapter 188, Laws of 2011 and the rules adopted to interpret and implement it apply to domestic insurers, United States branches of alien insurers entered through this state, alien insurers admitted and using this state as their port of entry, domestic fraternal benefit societies formed pursuant to chapter 48.36A RCW, domestic health care service contractors formed pursuant to chapter 48.44 RCW, domestic health maintenance organizations formed pursuant to chapter 48.46 RCW, and domestic self-funded multiple employer welfare arrangements formed pursuant to chapter 48.125 RCW.
(3) Separate accounts established in accordance with RCW 48.18A.020 shall be evaluated separately pursuant to that section.
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