Chapter 48.13 RCW



HTMLPDF 48.13.005PurposeApplication.
HTMLPDF 48.13.009Definitions.
HTMLPDF 48.13.021Minimum financial security benchmarkDetermination of amount.
HTMLPDF 48.13.031Investment of fundsBoard of directorsJudgment and careInternal controls and procedures.
HTMLPDF 48.13.041Determining whether an investment portfolio or investment policy is prudent.
HTMLPDF 48.13.051Written investment policy requiredAnnual reviewContents.
HTMLPDF 48.13.061Classes of investmentsDescriptionRules.
HTMLPDF 48.13.071Limitations on investmentsSpecial rules for certain investments.
HTMLPDF 48.13.081Investments in securities of different currencies.
HTMLPDF 48.13.091Prohibited investments.
HTMLPDF 48.13.101Satisfaction of the minimum asset requirementWhen assets may be counted.
HTMLPDF 48.13.111Commissioner's powersRequirements of persons subject to regulation.
HTMLPDF 48.13.121Commissioner may retain expertsInsurer's expense.
HTMLPDF 48.13.131When investment practices are not in complianceCommissioner's authority.
HTMLPDF 48.13.141Aggrieved insurerRequest for hearing.
HTMLPDF 48.13.151Confidentiality of investment policy information.
HTMLPDF 48.13.161Chapter prevails over other statutesValuation of assets.
HTMLPDF 48.13.171Rule makingSpecial investment restrictions.
HTMLPDF 48.13.350Written record of investmentsContents.
HTMLPDF 48.13.360Investments of foreign and alien insurers.
HTMLPDF 48.13.450Safeguarding securitiesDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 48.13.455Safeguarding securitiesDeposit in a clearing corporationCertificatesRecords.
HTMLPDF 48.13.460Safeguarding securitiesAuthorized methods of holding securities.
HTMLPDF 48.13.465Safeguarding securitiesRequirement to receive a confirmation.
HTMLPDF 48.13.470Safeguarding securitiesBroker executing a tradeTime limits.
HTMLPDF 48.13.475Safeguarding securitiesMaintenance with a custodianCommissioner may order transferChallenge to orderStanding at hearing or for judicial review.
HTMLPDF 48.13.480Safeguarding securitiesInsurance company's securitiesWritten agreement with custodianRequired terms.
HTMLPDF 48.13.490Safeguarding securitiesRules.
HTMLPDF 48.13.900Effective date2011 c 188.


Valuation of investments: RCW 48.12.170 through 48.12.200.