Chapter 48.10 RCW



HTMLPDF 48.10.010"Reciprocal insurance" defined.
HTMLPDF 48.10.020"Reciprocal insurer" defined.
HTMLPDF 48.10.030Scope of chapter.
HTMLPDF 48.10.050Insuring powers of reciprocals.
HTMLPDF 48.10.055Real propertyAttorney's duty.
HTMLPDF 48.10.060NameSuits.
HTMLPDF 48.10.070Surplus funds required.
HTMLPDF 48.10.080Attorney.
HTMLPDF 48.10.090Organization of reciprocal.
HTMLPDF 48.10.100Policies of original subscribers, effective when.
HTMLPDF 48.10.110Certificate of authority.
HTMLPDF 48.10.120Power of attorney.
HTMLPDF 48.10.130Modification of subscriber's agreement or power of attorney.
HTMLPDF 48.10.140Attorney's bond.
HTMLPDF 48.10.150Deposit in lieu of bond.
HTMLPDF 48.10.160Actions on bond.
HTMLPDF 48.10.170Service of legal process.
HTMLPDF 48.10.180Annual statement.
HTMLPDF 48.10.190Attorney's contributionRepayment.
HTMLPDF 48.10.200Determination of financial condition.
HTMLPDF 48.10.220Who may become subscriber.
HTMLPDF 48.10.230Subscribers' advisory committee.
HTMLPDF 48.10.250Assessment liability of subscriber.
HTMLPDF 48.10.260Action against subscriber requires judgment against insurer.
HTMLPDF 48.10.270Assessments.
HTMLPDF 48.10.280Time limit for assessment.
HTMLPDF 48.10.290Aggregate liability.
HTMLPDF 48.10.300Nonassessable policies.
HTMLPDF 48.10.310Return of savings to subscribers.
HTMLPDF 48.10.320Distribution of assets upon liquidation.
HTMLPDF 48.10.330MergerConversion to stock or mutual insurer.
HTMLPDF 48.10.340Impairment of assetsProcedure.


Dividends not to be guaranteed: RCW 48.30.100.
Merger or consolidation: RCW 48.31.010.
Organization of domestic insurers: Chapter 48.06 RCW.
Policy dividends are payable to real party in interest: RCW 48.18.340.