Chapter 48.08 RCW



48.08.010Increase of capital stock.
48.08.020Reduction of capital stock.
48.08.030Dividends to stockholders.
48.08.040Illegal dividends, reductionsPenalty against directors.
48.08.050Impairment of capital.
48.08.060Repayment of contributions to surplus.
48.08.070Participating policies.
48.08.080Mutualization of stock insurers.
48.08.090Stockholder meetingsDuty to inform stockholders of matters to be presentedProxies.
48.08.100Equity securityDefined.
48.08.110Equity securityDuty to file statement of ownership.
48.08.120Equity securityProfits from short term transactionsRemediesLimitation of actions.
48.08.130Equity securitySales, unlawful practices.
48.08.140Equity securityExemptionsSales by dealer.
48.08.150Equity securityExemptionsForeign or domestic arbitrage transactions.
48.08.160Equity securityExemptionsSecurities registered or required to be, or no class held by one hundred or more persons.
48.08.170Equity securityRules and regulations.
48.08.190Failure to file required information, documents, or reportsForfeiture.


Merger or consolidation: RCW 48.31.010.
Organization of domestic insurers: Chapter 48.06 RCW.
Superadded liability of shareholders of domestic stock insurance companies: State Constitution Art. 12 § 11.