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Permit for short distances.

(1) The department may grant a permit to construct or maintain on, over, across, or along any state highway any water, gas, telephone, telegraph, light, power, or other such facilities when they do not extend along the state highway for a distance greater than three hundred feet. The department may require such information as it deems necessary in the application for any such permit, and may grant or withhold the permit within its discretion. Any permit granted may be canceled at any time, and any facilities remaining upon the right-of-way of the state highway after thirty days written notice of the cancellation are an unlawful obstruction and may be removed in the manner provided by law.
(2) The holder of a permit granted under this section is financially responsible to the department for trenching work not completed within the period of the permit and for compensating for the loss of useful pavement life caused by trenching. In the case of common trenching operations, liability under this subsection will be assessed equally between the permit holders. The assessed parties may thereafter pursue claims of contribution or indemnity in accord with such fault as may be determined by arbitration or other legal action.
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