Chapter 47.32 RCW



47.32.010Order to remove obstructionsRemoval by state.
47.32.020Notice of order, contents, postingReturn.
47.32.030Proceedings in rem authorizedRecords certified.
47.32.040Complaint, contents.
47.32.050Notice, action, service, contentsProceedings void when.
47.32.060HearingFindingsOrderAppellate review.
47.32.070Writ, execution ofReturnDisposition of unsold property.
47.32.080Property reclaimedBond.
47.32.090Sureties on bondHearing on claim.
47.32.100Procedure when claimant wins or loses.
47.32.110Merchandising structuresPermitRemoval.
47.32.120Business places along highway.
47.32.130Dangerous objects and structures as nuisancesLogsAbatementRemoval.
47.32.140Railroad grade crossings, obstructionsHearing.
47.32.150Approach roads, other appurtenancesPermit.
47.32.160Approach roads, other appurtenancesRulesConstruction, maintenance of approach roads.
47.32.170Approach roads, other appurtenancesRemoval of installations from right-of-way for default.


Fences: Chapter 16.60 RCW.
Mobile home or park model trailer movement permits and decals: RCW 46.44.170 through 46.44.175.
Removal of disabled vehicle: RCW 46.55.113.