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Withdrawal of bidsNew bidsTime fixed in call controls.

Any person, firm, or corporation proposing a bid for the construction or improvement of any state highway in response to a call for bids published therefor may withdraw the bid proposal without forfeiture and without prejudice to the right of the bidder to file a new bid proposal before the time fixed for the opening of the bid proposals. The request for the withdrawal shall be made in writing, signed by the person proposing the bid or his or her duly authorized agent, and filed at the place and before the time fixed in the call for bids for receipt of the bid proposals. No bid proposal may be considered that has not been filed with the department before the time fixed for the receipt of bid proposals. In any provisions regarding the filing or withdrawing of bid proposals the time fixed for the receipt of bid proposals in the call for bid proposals as published shall control without regard for the time when the bid proposals are actually opened.
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