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Legislative gift centerCreatedRetail sale of productsGovernancePlanning.

(1) There is created in the legislature a legislative gift center for the retail sale of products bearing the state seal, Washington state souvenirs, other Washington products, and other products as approved. Wholesale purchase of products for sale at the legislative gift center is not subject to competitive bidding.
(2) Governance for the legislative gift center shall be under the chief clerk of the house of representatives and the secretary of the senate. They may designate a legislative staff member as the lead staff person to oversee management and operation of the gift shop.
(3) The chief clerk of the house of representatives and secretary of the senate shall consult with the department of enterprise services in planning, siting, and maintaining legislative building space for the gift center.
(4) Products bearing the "Seal of the State of Washington" as described in Article XVIII, section 1 of the Washington state Constitution and RCW 1.20.080, must be purchased from the secretary of state pursuant to an agreement between the chief clerk of the house of representatives, the secretary of the senate, and the secretary of state.
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