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PowersAppropriations, expenses, revenues.

The joint committee has the following powers:
(1) To make examinations and reports concerning whether or not appropriations are being expended for the purposes and within the statutory restrictions provided by the legislature; and concerning the organization and operation of procedures necessary or desirable to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in state government, its officers, boards, committees, commissions, institutions, and other state agencies, and to make recommendations and reports to the legislature.
(2) To make such other studies and examinations of economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of state government and its state agencies as it may find advisable, and to hear complaints, hold hearings, gather information, and make findings of fact with respect thereto.
(3) To conduct program and fiscal reviews of any state agency or program scheduled for termination under the process provided under chapter 43.131 RCW.
(4) To perform other legislative staff studies of state government or the use of state funds.
(5) To conduct performance audits in accordance with the work plan adopted by the joint committee under *RCW 44.28.180.
(6) To receive a copy of each report of examination or audit issued by the state auditor for examinations or audits that were conducted at the request of the joint committee and to make recommendations as it deems appropriate as a separate addendum to the report or audit.
(7) To develop internal tracking procedures that will allow the legislature to measure the effectiveness of performance audits conducted by the joint committee including, where appropriate, measurements of cost-savings and increases in efficiency and effectiveness in how state agencies deliver their services.
(8) To receive messages and reports in person or in writing from the governor or any other state officials and to study generally any and all business relating to economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in state government and state agencies.


*Reviser's note: RCW 44.28.180 was recodified as RCW 44.28.083 pursuant to 1996 c 288 § 55.
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