Chapter 43.59 RCW



HTMLPDF 43.59.010PurposeFinding.
HTMLPDF 43.59.020Governor responsible for administration of traffic safety programAcceptance and disbursal of federal funds.
HTMLPDF 43.59.030Members of commissionAppointmentVacanciesGovernor's designee to act during governor's absence.
HTMLPDF 43.59.040Powers and duties of commission.
HTMLPDF 43.59.050MeetingsTravel expenses of members.
HTMLPDF 43.59.060Director of commissionAppointmentSalary.
HTMLPDF 43.59.070Director's dutiesStaffRules and regulations.
HTMLPDF 43.59.080Governor's duties as chair.
HTMLPDF 43.59.140Driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any drugInformation and education.
HTMLPDF 43.59.156Cooper Jones active transportation safety council.
HTMLPDF 43.59.170Child restraint systems in motor vehiclesInformation and education.
HTMLPDF 43.59.180Negligent driving with a vulnerable user victimFirst degreeInformation and education.


Victim impact panel registry: RCW 10.01.230.