Chapter 43.386 RCW



HTMLPDF 43.386.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 43.386.020Notice of intentAccountability report.
HTMLPDF 43.386.030Meaningful human reviewWhen required.
HTMLPDF 43.386.040TestingWhen required.
HTMLPDF 43.386.050Performance differences across subpopulationsTesting and mitigation.
HTMLPDF 43.386.060Training.
HTMLPDF 43.386.070Disclosure to criminal defendantsRetention of recordsReporting of surveillance warrants.
HTMLPDF 43.386.080Use for surveillance, real-time identification, or persistent trackingWhen permittedRestrictions on law enforcement use.
HTMLPDF 43.386.090ExemptionFederal regulations and ordersAirports and seaports.
HTMLPDF 43.386.100ExemptionDepartment of licensingDrivers' licenses, permits, and identicards.
HTMLPDF 43.386.900Findings2020 c 257.
HTMLPDF 43.386.901Effective date2020 c 257.