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Eastern Washington cultural landscape feature.

(1) Any cultural landscape feature established on the capitol campus to commemorate the geological and cultural diversity of eastern Washington must recognize the flora and fauna, rich agriculture and forestry, and history of eastern Washington. Any such cultural landscape feature must include floral components such as ponderosa pine trees, quaking aspen trees, and western larch trees, or other site-adapted species. The design of such a cultural landscape feature must serve to celebrate the unique beauty of eastern Washington, its unparalleled agricultural significance to the state and world, and the deep history of these lands. The cultural landscape feature will also serve as a place of enjoyment and familiarity for those who call eastern Washington home.
(2) The capitol committee, or any subcommittee within, must consult with the department of enterprise services and the department of natural resources in its planning, planting, and placement of any floral components to be used as part of the eastern Washington cultural landscape feature.
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