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Community empowerment planRequirementsAnnual progress report.

(1) The five-year community empowerment plan required under RCW 43.31C.020 shall contain information that describes the community development needs of the proposed community empowerment zone and present a strategy for meeting those needs. The plan shall address the following categories:
(a) Housing needs for all economic segments of the proposed community empowerment zone;
(b) Public infrastructure needs, such as transportation, water, sanitation, energy, and drainage and flood control;
(c) Other public facilities needs, such as neighborhood facilities or facilities for the provision of health, education, recreation, public safety, and other services;
(d) Community economic development needs, such as commercial and industrial revitalization, job creation and retention considering the unemployment and underemployment of area residents, accessibility to financial resources by area residents and businesses, investment within the area, and other related components of community economic development; and
(e) Social service needs of residents in the proposed community empowerment zone.
(2) The local government must provide a description of its strategy for meeting the needs identified in subsection (1) of this section. As part of the community empowerment zone strategy, the local government must identify the needs for which specific plans are currently in place and the source of funds expected to be used. For the balance of the area's needs, the local government must identify the source of funds expected to become available during the next two-year period and actions the local government will take to acquire those funds.
(3) The local government must submit an annual progress report to the department that details the extent to which the local government is working to meet the needs identified in the five-year community empowerment plan. If applicable, the progress report must also contain a discussion on the impediments to meeting the needs outlined in the five-year community empowerment plan. The department must determine the date the annual progress reports are due from each local government.
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