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Board on geographic namesCommittee on geographic namesCommittee membership.

(1) The board on geographic names shall establish a committee on geographic names to assist the board in performing its duties and to provide broader contextual, public, and tribal participation in naming geographic features in the state. The committee shall report to the board on geographic names and shall consist of:
(a) The commissioner or representative;
(b) The state librarian or the librarian's designee;
(c) The director of the department of archaeology and historic preservation or the director's designee;
(d) A representative of the Washington state tribes, to be appointed by the commissioner from nominations made by Washington's recognized tribal governments. The tribal representative serves a three-year term; and
(e) Three members from the public to be appointed by the commissioner. Initial appointments of the public members appointed under this subsection shall be as follows: One member for a one-year term, one member for a two-year term, and one member for a three-year term. Thereafter, each public member shall be appointed for a three-year term.
(2) Each member of the committee shall continue in office until a successor is appointed. The commissioner shall serve as chair of the board.
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