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Powers and duties.

The director of labor and industries shall:
(1) Exercise all the powers and perform all the duties prescribed by law with respect to the administration of workers' compensation and medical aid in this state;
(2) Have the custody of all property acquired by the state at execution sales upon judgments obtained for delinquent industrial insurance premiums or medical aid contributions, and penalties and costs; sell and dispose of the same at private sales for the sale purchase price, and pay the proceeds into the state treasury to the credit of the accident fund, or medical aid fund, as the case may be. In case of the sale of real estate the director shall execute the deed in the name of the state.
[ 1994 c 164 § 4; 1987 c 185 § 16; 1965 c 8 § 43.22.030. Prior: 1921 c 7 § 78, part; RRS § 10836, part.]


IntentSeverability1987 c 185: See notes following RCW 51.12.130.
Workers' compensation: Title 51 RCW.
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