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Renewable energy facilities in coastal and estuarine marine watersGuidance.

(1) In addition to the duties prescribed in RCW 43.21F.045, the department must develop guidance applicable to all state agencies for achieving a unified state position upon matters involving the siting and operation of renewable energy facilities in the state's coastal and estuarine marine waters. The guidance must provide procedures for coordinating the views and responsibilities of any state agency with jurisdiction or expertise over the matter under consideration, which may include federal policy proposals, activities, permits, licenses, or the extension of funding for activities in or affecting the state's marine waters. In developing the guidance, the director must consult with agencies with primary responsibilities for permitting and management of marine waters and bedlands, including the departments of natural resources, ecology, transportation, and fish and wildlife, and the state parks and recreation commission, the Puget Sound partnership, and the energy facility site evaluation council. The director must also consult and incorporate relevant information from the regional activities related to renewable energy siting in marine waters, including those under the west coast governors' agreement on ocean health.
(2) The director may not commence development of the guidance until federal, private, or other nonstate funding is secured for this activity. The director must adopt the guidance within one year of securing such funds.
(3) This section is intended to promote consistency and multiple agency coordination in developing positions and exercising jurisdiction in matters involving the siting and operation of renewable energy facilities and does not diminish or abrogate the authority or jurisdiction of any state agency over such matters established under any other law.
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