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Financial assistance in rural countiesAreas impacted by the closure or potential closure of large coal-fired electric generation facilities.

(1) Except as authorized to the contrary under subsection (2) of this section, from all funds available to the board for financial assistance in a biennium under this chapter, the board shall approve at least seventy-five percent of the first twenty million dollars of funds available and at least fifty percent of any additional funds for financial assistance for projects in rural counties.
(2) If at any time during the last six months of a biennium the board finds that the actual and anticipated applications for qualified projects in rural counties are clearly insufficient to use up the allocations under subsection (1) of this section, then the board shall estimate the amount of the insufficiency and during the remainder of the biennium may use that amount of the allocation for financial assistance to projects not located in rural counties.
(3) The board shall solicit qualifying projects to plan, design, and construct public facilities needed to attract new industrial and commercial activities in areas impacted by the closure or potential closure of large coal-fired electric generation facilities, which for the purposes of this section means a facility that emitted more than one million tons of greenhouse gases in any calendar year prior to 2008. The projects should be consistent with any applicable plans for major industrial activity on lands formerly used or designated for surface coal mining and supporting uses under RCW 36.70A.368. When the board receives timely and eligible project applications from a political subdivision of the state for financial assistance for such projects, the board from available funds shall give priority consideration to such projects.


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