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Receipt and expenditure of donationsFeesVoluntary action center fund created.

(1) The center may receive such gifts, grants, and endowments from private or public sources as may be made from time to time, in trust or otherwise, for the use and benefit of the purpose of the center and expend the same or any income therefrom according to the terms of the gifts, grants, or endowments. The center may charge reasonable fees, or other appropriate charges, for attendance at workshops and conferences, for various publications and other materials which it is authorized to prepare and distribute for the purpose of defraying all or part of the costs of those activities and materials.
(2) A fund known as the voluntary action center fund is created, which consists of all gifts, grants, and endowments, fees, and other revenues received pursuant to this chapter. The state treasurer is the custodian of the fund. Disbursements from the fund shall be on authorization of the executive administrator of the center or the administrator's designee, and may be made for the following purposes to enhance the capabilities of the center's activities, such as: (a) Reimbursement of center volunteers for travel expenses as provided in RCW 43.03.050 and 43.03.060; (b) publication and distribution of materials involving volunteerism and citizen service; (c) for other purposes designated in gifts, grants, or endowments consistent with the purposes of this chapter. The fund is subject to the allotment procedure provided under chapter 43.88 RCW, but no appropriation is required for disbursements.
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