Chapter 43.135 RCW



43.135.025General fund expenditure limitComputationAnnual limit adjustmentDefinitionsEmergency exceptionState treasurer duty, penaltyState expenditure limit committee.
43.135.031Bills raising taxes or feesCost analysisPress releaseNotice of hearingsUpdated analyses.
43.135.034Tax legislationTwo-thirds approvalReferral to votersConditions and restrictionsBallot titleDeclarations of emergencyTaxes on intangible propertyExpenditure limit to reflect program cost shifting or fund transfer.
43.135.0341Child and family reinvestment account transfers.
43.135.0342Dedication of premium taxes under RCW 48.14.0201 or 48.14.020.
43.135.0343Liquefied natural gas sales tax revenue transfers.
43.135.0351Reinvesting in youth account transfers.
43.135.041Tax legislationAdvisory voteDuties of the attorney general and secretary of stateExemption.
43.135.045Education construction fundAppropriation conditions.
43.135.055Fee restrictionsException.
43.135.060Prohibition of new or extended programs without full reimbursementTransfer of programsDetermination of costs.
43.135.080Reenactment and reaffirmation of Initiative Measure No. 601Continued limitationsExceptions.
43.135.902Short title1994 c 2.
43.135.904Effective dates1994 c 2.