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Confidentiality of records.

*** CHANGE IN 2021 *** (SEE 5051-S2.SL) ***
(1) Except as provided under subsection (2) of this section, the following records of the commission are confidential and exempt from public disclosure: (a) The contents of personnel action reports filed under RCW 43.101.135 or 43.101.136; (b) all files, papers, and other information obtained by the commission pursuant to RCW 43.101.095(5) or 43.101.096; and (c) all investigative files of the commission compiled in carrying out the responsibilities of the commission under this chapter. Such records are not subject to public disclosure, subpoena, or discovery proceedings in any civil action, except as provided in subsection (5) of this section.
(2) Records which are otherwise confidential and exempt under subsection (1) of this section may be reviewed and copied: (a) By the officer involved or the officer's counsel or authorized representative, who may review the officer's file and may submit any additional exculpatory or explanatory evidence, statements, or other information, any of which must be included in the file; (b) by a duly authorized representative of (i) the agency of termination, or (ii) a current employing law enforcement or corrections agency, which may review and copy its employee-officer's file; or (c) by a representative of or investigator for the commission.
(3) Records which are otherwise confidential and exempt under subsection (1) of this section may also be inspected at the offices of the commission by a duly authorized representative of a law enforcement or corrections agency considering an application for employment by a person who is the subject of a record. A copy of records which are otherwise confidential and exempt under subsection (1) of this section may later be obtained by an agency after it hires the applicant. In all other cases under this subsection, the agency may not obtain a copy of the record.
(4) Upon a determination that a complaint is without merit, that a personnel action report filed under RCW 43.101.135 does not merit action by the commission, or that a matter otherwise investigated by the commission does not merit action, the commission shall purge records addressed in subsection (1) of this section.
(5) The hearings, but not the deliberations, of the hearings board are open to the public. The transcripts, admitted evidence, and written decisions of the hearings board on behalf of the commission are not confidential or exempt from public disclosure, and are subject to subpoena and discovery proceedings in civil actions.
(6) Every individual, legal entity, and agency of federal, state, or local government is immune from civil liability, whether direct or derivative, for providing information to the commission in good faith.
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