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Call of warrants.

When the state treasurer deems that there is sufficient money in a fund to pay all or part of the registered warrants of such fund, and the warrants are not presented for payment, he or she may advertise at least once in some newspaper published at the seat of government, stating the serial number of the warrants he or she is calling and prepared to pay; and if such warrants are not presented for payment within five days from and after the date of publication of the notice, the warrants shall not then draw any further interest: PROVIDED, That when said fund has a balance in excess of three percent of the preceding monthly warrant issue of said fund, or at any time that the money in the fund exceeds the warrants outstanding, the state treasurer shall similarly advertise a call for all those registered warrants which can be fully paid out of said fund in accordance with their registration sequence.


Severability1971 ex.s. c 88: See note following RCW 43.08.070.
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