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The ombuds shall perform the following duties:
(1) Provide information as appropriate on the rights and responsibilities of individuals receiving family and children's services, juvenile justice, juvenile rehabilitation, and child early learning, and on the procedures for providing these services;
(2) Investigate, upon his or her own initiative or upon receipt of a complaint, an administrative act alleged to be contrary to law, rule, or policy, imposed without an adequate statement of reason, or based on irrelevant, immaterial, or erroneous grounds; however, the ombuds may decline to investigate any complaint as provided by rules adopted under this chapter;
(3) Monitor the procedures as established, implemented, and practiced by the department of children, youth, and families to carry out its responsibilities in delivering family and children's services with a view toward appropriate preservation of families and ensuring children's health and safety;
(4) Review periodically the facilities and procedures of state institutions serving children, youth, and families, and state-licensed facilities or residences;
(5) Recommend changes in the procedures for addressing the needs of children, youth, and families;
(6) Submit annually to the oversight board for children, youth, and families created in RCW 43.216.015 and to the governor by November 1st a report analyzing the work of the department of children, youth, and families, including recommendations;
(7) Grant the oversight board for children, youth, and families access to all relevant records in the possession of the ombuds unless prohibited by law; and
(8) Adopt rules necessary to implement this chapter.


Effective date2018 c 58: See note following RCW 28A.655.080.
Effective date2017 3rd sp.s. c 6 ss 102, 104-115, 201-227, 301-337, 401-419, 501-513, 801-803, and 805-822: See note following RCW 43.216.025.
Conflict with federal requirements2017 3rd sp.s. c 6: See RCW 43.216.908.
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