Chapter 42.08 RCW



HTMLPDF 42.08.005Official bondsPayment of premiums.
HTMLPDF 42.08.010Scope of coverage.
HTMLPDF 42.08.020Who may maintain action.
HTMLPDF 42.08.030Leave of court required.
HTMLPDF 42.08.040Judgment no bar to further action.
HTMLPDF 42.08.050Recoveries limited to amount of bond.
HTMLPDF 42.08.060Form of official bonds.
HTMLPDF 42.08.070Effect of bonds.
HTMLPDF 42.08.080Who may bring action on bond.
HTMLPDF 42.08.090Defective bonds validated.
HTMLPDF 42.08.100Approval and filing.
HTMLPDF 42.08.110Procedure when bond of county or township officer is insufficient.
HTMLPDF 42.08.120Additional bond.
HTMLPDF 42.08.130Remedy when bond of state officer becomes insufficient.
HTMLPDF 42.08.140Force of additional bond.
HTMLPDF 42.08.150Number of sureties.
HTMLPDF 42.08.160Justification of sureties.
HTMLPDF 42.08.170Liability of sureties.
HTMLPDF 42.08.180Release of sureties.


Adjutant general, official bond: RCW 38.12.010.
Apple commission treasurer, bond required: RCW 15.24.150.
Attorney general, official bonds: RCW 43.10.010, 43.10.020.
Cities, code city retaining second class form, bond of officers: RCW 35.23.835.
Cities, commission form, bonds required: RCW 35.17.100.
Cities, council-manager plan, bond of manager: RCW 35.18.050.
Cities, second class, bond required: RCW 35.23.081.
Commissioner of public lands, official bonds: RCW 43.12.041.
County clerk, new bond may be required: RCW 36.23.020.
County commissioners, official bond: RCW 36.32.060.
County officers, official bonds: RCW 36.16.050.
County sheriff, additional bond: RCW 36.28.030.
Dairy products commission treasurer, bond required: RCW 15.44.050.
Flood control districts, official bonds: RCW 86.09.301, 86.09.304, 86.09.307.
Fruit commission treasurer, bond required: RCW 15.28.190.
Horse racing commission, official bonds: RCW 67.16.012.
Insurance commissioner, official bond: RCW 48.02.030.
Irrigation districts, official bonds: RCW 87.03.082.
Liquor and cannabis board, official bond: RCW 66.08.014.
Municipal court judge, bond required: RCW 35.20.180.
Reclamation district directors, official bonds: RCW 89.30.259.
Reclamation districts, bond of secretary: RCW 89.30.262.
Secretary of state, official bond: RCW 43.07.010.
State administrative officers, official bonds: RCW 43.17.100.
State auditor, official bond: RCW 43.09.010.
State treasurer, official bond: RCW 43.08.020.
Superior court reporters, bond required: RCW 2.32.180.
Suretyship: Chapters 19.72, 48.28 RCW.
Towns, bond of officers: RCW 35.27.120.
University of Washington, board of regents, secretary to give bond: RCW 28B.30.135.
Utilities and transportation commission, official bonds: RCW 80.01.020.
Washington State University, board of regents, bonds required: RCW 28B.30.100, 28B.30.130.
Weed district officers, bond required: RCW 17.04.070.