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Tribal general authority peace officersEstablishing service credit for prior service. (Effective July 1, 2025.)

(1) A member who is employed as a law enforcement officer with the police department of the government of a federally recognized tribe on July 1, 2025, may establish credit for such service rendered prior to July 1, 2025, unless service is either already credited for those periods, or a member was in receipt of retirement benefits from any retirement system listed in RCW 41.50.030. Upon receipt of a written request, the department of retirement systems must notify the member of the cost to establish credit for all or part of such service. Service credit may only be established for periods prior to July 1, 2025, if that service meets the requirements of RCW 41.26.030.
(2) Before July 1, 2026, a member may elect to establish credit in plan 2 under this section. Such election must be filed in writing with the department of retirement systems by June 30, 2026. The elected period must be in monthly increments beginning with the oldest service.
(a) To establish service under this section, the member must pay the actuarial value of the resulting increase in their benefit in a manner defined by the department: (i) No later than five years from the effective date of the election made under this section; and (ii) prior to retirement.
(b) Upon full payment of employee contributions for the elected period of service the department of retirement systems must credit the member with the service.


Effective date2023 c 77: See note following RCW 41.26.565.
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