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State board for volunteer firefighters and reserve officersPowers and duties.

The state board shall:
(1) Generally supervise and control the administration of this chapter;
(2) Promulgate, amend, or repeal rules and regulations not inconsistent with this chapter for the purpose of effecting a uniform and efficient manner of carrying out the provisions of this chapter and the purposes to be accomplished thereby, and for the government of boards of trustees of the municipalities of this state in the discharge of their functions under this chapter;
(3) Review any action, and hear and determine any appeal which may be taken from the decision of the board of trustees of any municipality made pursuant to this chapter;
(4) Take such action as may be necessary to secure compliance of the municipalities governed by this chapter and to provide for the collection of all fees and penalties which are, or may be, due and delinquent from any such municipality;
(5) Review the action of the board of trustees of any municipality authorizing any pension as provided by this chapter; and authorize the regular issuance of monthly warrants in payment thereof without further action of the board of trustees of such municipality;
(6) Require periodic reports from the recipient of any benefits under this chapter for the purpose of determining their continued eligibility therefor;
(7) Maintain such records as may be necessary and proper for the proper maintenance and operation of the principal fund, including records of the names of every person enrolled under this chapter, and provide all necessary forms to enable local boards of trustees to effectively carry out their duties as provided by this chapter;
(8) Compel the taking of testimony from witnesses under oath before the state board, or any member or the secretary thereof, or before the local board of trustees or any member thereof, for the purpose of obtaining evidence, at any time, in connection with any claim or pension pending or authorized for payment. For such purpose the state board shall have the same power of subpoena as prescribed in RCW 51.52.100. Failure of any claimant to appear and give any testimony as herein provided shall suspend any rights or eligibility to receive payments for the period of such failure to appear and testify;
(9) Appoint a secretary to hold office at the pleasure of the state board, fix the secretary's compensation at such sum as it shall deem appropriate, and prescribe the secretary's duties not otherwise provided by this chapter.


Effective date1989 c 91: See note following RCW 41.24.010.
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