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Pension on death before or after retirement.

Whenever any member of the police department of any such city loses his or her life while actually engaged in the performance of duty, or as the proximate result thereof, leaving a surviving spouse or child or children under the age of eighteen years, upon satisfactory proof of such facts made to it, the board shall order and direct that a pension, equal to one-half of the amount of the salary *at any time hereafter attached to the position which such member held in the police department at the time of his or her death, shall be paid to the surviving spouse for life, or if there is no surviving spouse, or if the surviving spouse shall die, then to the child or children until they are eighteen years of age: PROVIDED, That if such spouse or child or children marry, the person so marrying shall thereafter receive no further pension from the fund: PROVIDED FURTHER, That all existing pensions shall be increased to not less than three hundred dollars per month as of April 25, 1973.
If any member so losing his or her life, leaves no spouse, or child or children under the age of eighteen years, the board shall pay the sum of two hundred dollars toward the funeral expenses of such member.


*Reviser's note: The words "at any time hereafter" first appear in the 1961 amendment.
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