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Consolidation of local governmental unit and first-class city retirement systemDefinitions.

Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout RCW 41.04.400 through 41.04.430.
(1) "Legal entity" means any political subdivision or municipal corporation of the state, including but not limited to public agencies created under RCW 35.63.070, 36.70.060, or 39.34.030.
(2) "Consolidated employer" means the legal entity assigned by agreement to perform a governmental service, activity, or undertaking for two or more units of local government of the state, at least one of which is a first-class city with its own retirement system.
(3) "Existing employee" means a person who both (a) becomes employed by the consolidated employer within one year after the consolidation and (b) was employed by one of the combining legal entities at the time of the consolidation.
(4) "New employee" means an employee of the consolidated employer who is not an existing employee.
(5) "Active member" means a member of a retirement system who was making contributions to that retirement system at the time of the consolidation.


Severability1984 c 184: See note following RCW 41.50.150.
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