Chapter 39.46 RCW



HTMLPDF 39.46.010PurposesLiberal construction.
HTMLPDF 39.46.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 39.46.030Registration system authorizedRequirementsFiscal agents.
HTMLPDF 39.46.040BondsIssuer to determine amount, terms, conditions, interest, etc.Designated representative.
HTMLPDF 39.46.050BondsIssuer authorized to establish lines of credit.
HTMLPDF 39.46.060BondsReproduction of physical instrument.
HTMLPDF 39.46.070BondsPayment of costs of issuance and sale.
HTMLPDF 39.46.100RCW 39.46.010 through 39.46.070 constitutes alternative method.
HTMLPDF 39.46.110Local government general obligation bondsIndebtednessPaymentNotice by special district.
HTMLPDF 39.46.120Notice of intent to sell general obligation bonds.
HTMLPDF 39.46.150Revenue bondsAlternative method of issuanceLimitations.
HTMLPDF 39.46.160Revenue bondsAlternative method of issuanceBonds may include reserve funds.
HTMLPDF 39.46.170Out-of-state issuersIssuance of bonds for projects within the state.