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It is the intent of the legislature to:
(1) Expand the definition and use of "life-cycle cost" and "life-cycle cost analysis" to include consideration of all operating costs, as opposed to only energy-related costs as addressed by chapter 39.35 RCW;
(2) Encourage the recognition, development, and use of life-cycle cost concepts and procedures by both the executive and legislative branches in the state's design development and capital budgeting processes;
(3) Ensure the dissemination and use of a common and realistic discount rate by all state agencies in the calculation of the present value of future costs;
(4) Allow and encourage the executive branch to develop specific techniques and procedures for the state government and its agencies, and state universities and community colleges to implement this policy; and
(5) Encourage cities, counties, and other governmental districts including special purpose districts to adopt programs and procedures to implement this policy.
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