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The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Agreement" means a joint municipal utility services agreement, among members, that forms an authority, as more fully described in this chapter.
(2) "Authority" means a joint municipal utility services authority formed under this chapter.
(3) "Board of directors" or "board" means the board of directors of an authority.
(4) "Member" means a city, town, county, water-sewer district, public utility district, other special purpose district, municipal corporation, or other unit of local government of this or another state that provides utility services, and any Indian tribe recognized as such by the United States government, that is a party to an agreement forming an authority.
(5) "Utility services," for purposes of this chapter, means any or all of the following functions: The provision of retail or wholesale water supply and water conservation services; the provision of wastewater, sewage, or septage collection, handling, treatment, transmission, or disposal services; the provision of point and nonpoint water pollution monitoring programs; the provision for the generation, production, storage, distribution, use, or management of reclaimed water; and the management and handling of stormwater, surface water, drainage, and flood waters.
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