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Benefit zone creationAgreement, hearing, and notice requirementsOrdinance requirements.

(1) Before adopting an ordinance creating the benefit zone, a local government must:
(a) Obtain written agreement for the use of hospital benefit zone financing to finance all or a portion of the costs of the designated public improvements from any taxing authority that imposes a sales or use tax under chapter 82.14 RCW within the benefit zone if the taxing authority chooses to participate in the public improvements to the extent of providing limited funding under hospital benefit zone financing authorized under this chapter. The agreement must be authorized by the governing body of such participating taxing authorities; and
(b) Hold a public hearing on the proposed financing of the public improvement in whole or in part with hospital benefit zone financing.
(i) Notice of the public hearing must be published in a legal newspaper of general circulation within the proposed benefit zone at least ten days before the public hearing and posted in at least six conspicuous public places located in the proposed benefit zone.
(ii) Notices must describe the contemplated public improvements, estimate the costs of the public improvements, describe the portion of the costs of the public improvements to be borne by hospital benefit zone financing, describe any other sources of revenue to finance the public improvements, describe the boundaries of the proposed benefit zone, and estimate the period during which hospital benefit zone financing is contemplated to be used. The public hearing may be held by either the governing body of the local government, or a committee of the governing body that includes at least a majority of the whole governing body.
(2) In order to create a benefit zone, a local government must adopt an ordinance establishing the benefit zone that:
(a) Describes the public improvements;
(b) Describes the boundaries of the benefit zone;
(c) Estimates the cost of the public improvements and the portion of these costs to be financed by hospital benefit zone financing;
(d) Estimates the time during which excess local excise taxes are to be used to finance public improvement costs associated with the public improvements financed in whole or in part by hospital benefit zone financing;
(e) Estimates the average amount of tax revenue to be received in all fiscal years through the imposition of a sales and use tax under RCW 82.14.465;
(f) Provides the date when the use of excess local excise taxes will commence; and
(g) Finds that the conditions of RCW 39.100.020 are met.
(3) For purposes of this section, "fiscal year" means the year beginning July 1st and ending the following June 30th.


FindingApplicationEffective date2007 c 266: See notes following RCW 39.100.010.
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