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Project review committeeProject approval process.

(1) A public body not certified under RCW 39.10.270 must apply for approval from the committee to use the design-build or general contractor/construction manager contracting procedure on a project. A public body seeking approval must submit to the committee an application in a format and manner as prescribed by the committee. The application must include a description of the public body's qualifications, a description of the project, the public body's intended use of alternative contracting procedures, and, if applicable, a declaration that the public body has elected to procure the project as a heavy civil construction project.
(2) To approve a proposed project, the committee shall determine that:
(a) The alternative contracting procedure will provide a substantial fiscal benefit or the use of the traditional method of awarding contracts in lump sum to the low responsive bidder is not practical for meeting desired quality standards or delivery schedules;
(b) The proposed project meets the requirements for using the alternative contracting procedure as described in RCW 39.10.300 or 39.10.340;
(c) The public body has the necessary experience or qualified team to carry out the alternative contracting procedure including, but not limited to: (i) Project delivery knowledge and experience; (ii) sufficient personnel with construction experience to administer the contract; (iii) a written management plan that shows clear and logical lines of authority; (iv) the necessary and appropriate funding and time to properly manage the job and complete the project; (v) continuity of project management team, including personnel with experience managing projects of similar scope and size to the project being proposed; and (vi) necessary and appropriate construction budget;
(d) For design-build projects, public body personnel or consultants are knowledgeable in the design-build process and are able to oversee and administer the contract; and
(e) The public body has resolved any audit findings related to previous public works projects in a manner satisfactory to the committee.
(3) The committee shall, if practicable, make its determination at the public meeting during which a submittal is reviewed. Public comments must be considered before a determination is made.
(4) Within ten business days after the public meeting, the committee shall provide a written determination to the public body, and make its determination available to the public on the committee's website. If the committee fails to make a written determination within ten business days of the public meeting, the request of the public body to use the alternative contracting procedure on the requested project shall be deemed approved.
(5) Failure of the committee to meet within sixty calendar days of a public body's application to use an alternative contracting procedure on a project shall be deemed an approval of the application.


Sunset Act application: See note following chapter digest.
Effective date2013 c 222: See note following RCW 39.10.210.
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