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Governor to promulgate rules.

The governor, through the adjutant general, shall promulgate in orders such rules and amendments not inconsistent with law as the governor may deem necessary for the organization, maintenance and training of the militia, and the acquisition, use, issue or disposal of military property. The governor's regulatory powers herein with respect to military property shall include reasonable authority to make regulations controlling the use and temporary disposal of military property including real property for civic purposes where consistent with federal law and regulations, in a manner similar to the law pertaining to the use of armories. The adopted regulations shall have the same force and effect as if enacted.


Commander-in-chief authorized to make rules for specific armories (special or temporary acts not codified in this title):
(1) 1907 c 55 § 11, Armories at Seattle, Spokane and Tacoma;
(2) 1909 c 68 § 10, Armory at Bellingham;
(3) 1913 c 67 § 9, Armory at North Yakima;
(4) 1917 c 108 § 9, Armory at Walla Walla;
(5) 1917 c 109 § 9, Armory at Aberdeen;
(6) 1917 c 166 § 9, Armory at Everett.
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