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Toll bridge bonds authorizedAdjoining counties.

The county legislative authority may, by majority vote, and by submission to the voters under the same procedure required in RCW 36.76.090 and 36.76.100, issue general obligation bonds for the purpose of contributing money, or the bonds themselves, to the department to help finance the construction of toll bridges across topographical formations constituting boundaries between the county and an adjoining county, or a toll bridge across topographical formation located wholly within an adjoining county, which in the discretion of the county legislative authority, directly or indirectly benefits the county. The bonds may be transferred to the department to be sold by it for the purposes outlined herein. The bonds may bear interest at a rate or rates as authorized by the county legislative authority. Such indebtedness is subject to the limitations on indebtedness provided for in RCW 39.36.020(2).


Purpose1970 ex.s. c 56: See note following RCW 39.52.020.
ValidationSavingSeverability1969 ex.s. c 232: See notes following RCW 39.52.020.
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