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Bonds authorizedElection.

The legislative authority of any county may, whenever a majority thereof so decides, submit to the voters of their county the question whether the legislative authority shall be authorized to issue negotiable road bonds of the county in an amount subject to the limitations on indebtedness provided for in RCW 39.36.020(2), for the purpose of constructing a new road or roads, or improving established roads within the county, or for aiding in so doing, as herein prescribed.
The word "improvement" wherever used in this section and RCW 36.76.090, 36.76.100, 36.76.110, 36.76.120, and 36.76.130 shall embrace any undertaking for any or all of such purposes. The word "road" shall embrace all highways, roads, streets, avenues, bridges, and other public ways.
The provisions of this section and RCW 36.76.090, 36.76.100, 36.76.110, 36.76.120, and 36.76.130 shall apply not only to roads which are or shall be under the general control of the county, but also to all parts of state roads in such county and to all roads which are situated or are to be constructed wholly or partly within the limits of any incorporated city or town therein, provided the county legislative authority finds that they form or will become a part of the public highway system of the county, and will connect the existing roads therein. Such finding may be made by the county legislative authority at any stage of the proceedings before the actual delivery of the bonds.
The constructing or improving of any and all such roads, or the aiding therein, is declared to be a county purpose.
The question of the issuance of bonds for any undertaking which relates to a number of different roads or parts thereof, whether intended to supply the whole expenditure or to aid therein, may be submitted to the voters as a single proposition in all cases where such course is consistent with the provisions of the state Constitution. If the county legislative authority, in submitting a proposition relating to different roads or parts thereof, finds that such proposition has for its object the furtherance and accomplishment of the construction of a system of public and county highways in such county, and constitutes and has for its object a single purpose, such finding shall be presumed to be correct, and upon the issuance of the bonds the presumption shall become conclusive.
No proposition for bonds shall be submitted which proposes that more than forty percent of the proceeds thereof shall be expended within any city or town or within any number of cities and towns.


Liberal constructionSeverability1983 c 167: See RCW 39.46.010 and note following.
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