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Joint park and recreation districtFormationHearingBoundariesElection.

(1) If the petition filed under RCW 36.69.430 is found to contain a sufficient number of signatures, the legislative authority of each county shall set a time for a hearing on the petition for the formation of a park and recreation district as prescribed in RCW 36.69.040.
(2) At the public hearing the legislative authority for each county shall fix the boundaries for that portion of the proposed park and recreation district that lies within the county as provided in RCW 36.69.050. Each county shall notify the other county or counties of the determination of the boundaries within ten days.
(3) If the territories created by the county legislative authorities are not contiguous, a joint park and recreation district shall not be formed. If the territories are contiguous, the county containing the portion of the proposed joint district having the larger population shall determine the name of the proposed joint district.
(4) The proposition for the formation of the proposed joint park and recreation district shall be submitted to the voters of the district at the next general election, which election shall be conducted as required by RCW 36.69.070 and 36.69.080.


Severability1979 ex.s. c 11: See note following RCW 36.69.420.
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