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Graffiti and tagging abatement grant program.

(1) When funded, the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs shall establish a grant program to assist local law enforcement agencies in the support of graffiti and tagging abatement programs located in local communities. Grant applicants are encouraged to utilize multijurisdictional efforts.
(2) Each graffiti or tagging abatement grant applicant shall:
(a) Demonstrate that a significant gang problem exists in the jurisdiction or jurisdictions receiving the grant;
(b) Show how the funds will be used to dispose or eliminate any current or ongoing tagging or graffiti within a specified time period;
(c) Specify how the funds will be used to reduce gang-related graffiti or tagging within its community;
(d) Show how the local citizens and business owners of the community will benefit from the proposed graffiti or tagging abatement process being presented in the grant application; and
(e) Collect data on performance pursuant to RCW 36.28A.220.
(3) The cost of administering the grants shall not exceed twenty-five thousand dollars, or four percent of funding, whichever is greater.


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