Chapter 36.17 RCW



36.17.010Salary full compensationCompensation denied, when.
36.17.020Schedule of salaries.
36.17.024County commissioner and councilmember salary commissions.
36.17.031Reimbursement for travel allowances and allowances in lieu of actual expenses.
36.17.040Payment of salaries of officers and employees.
36.17.042Weekly or biweekly pay periods.
36.17.045Deductions for contributions, payments, and dues authorized.
36.17.050Salary withheld, when authorized.
36.17.055Salary adjustment for county legislative authority officeRatification and validation of preelection action.
36.17.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Cemetery and morgue employees, salary of: RCW 68.52.020.
Compensation of county officials: State Constitution Art. 11 § 5 (Amendment 57).
County commissioners, compensation and/or expenses
determining towns boundaries: RCW 35.27.060.
flood control by counties jointly, duties: RCW 86.13.060.
metropolitan councilmember: RCW 35.58.160.
pest exterminator: RCW 17.12.060.
Department of personnel to study salaries of elective county officials: RCW 43.03.028.