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Public benefits.

(1) A program created under this chapter must provide or continue to provide funding authorized under this chapter only to cultural organizations that provide discernible public benefits. Each program created under this chapter must identify a range of public benefits that cultural organizations may provide or continue to provide in satisfaction of this requirement for eligibility to receive funding authorized under this chapter. The public benefits include, without limitation: Reasonable opportunities for access to facilities, programs, and services on a reduced or no admission fee basis, particularly for diverse and underserved populations and communities; providing, through technological and other means, services or programs in locations other than an organization's own facilities; providing educational programs and experiences both at an organization's own facilities and in schools and other venues; broadening cultural programs, performances, and exhibitions for the enlightenment and entertainment of the public; supporting collaborative relationships with other cultural organizations in order to extend the reach and impact of the collaborating organizations for the benefit of the public; and, in the case of community-based cultural organizations, organizational capacity-building projects or activities that an organization can demonstrate, to the reasonable satisfaction of the designated entity, will enhance the ability of the organization to provide or continue to provide meaningful public benefits not otherwise achievable.
(2) Each program created under this chapter must adopt guidelines establishing a baseline standard of continuous performance with respect to the provision of public benefits required under this chapter and for evaluating the eligibility of any cultural organization to receive funds under this chapter based on the continuous performance of the organization in the provision of the public benefits. The guidelines must include: (a) Procedures for notifying any organization at risk of losing its eligibility to receive funds under this chapter for failure to achieve the program's baseline standard of performance with respect to the continuous provision of public benefits; and (b) measures or procedures available to the organization for either retaining or recovering eligibility, as appropriate.


Construction2015 3rd sp.s. c 24: See note following RCW 36.160.030.
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